Summer is here! Many people are on vacation! Many other people are preparing for their Kendo Seminars! 

2014 Summer Sale

Starts from 15th July to 31st July, we offer 15% discounts on ALL of our in-stock Shinai!!

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In a hot and humid summer, you don’t want your Kote to be stinky…


If you are considering another Kote for Shiai or Keiko, try out this Musou Kote!!



It’s summer and everyone who practices Kendo knows how hot it can get in a Dojo with all the people during the summer. While you might get over the heat and survive the training, your equipment will suffer the after effects of all the sweat that poured out of you during training. Smelly equipment is not that popular among your peers, even worse, while you might only notice the odor, you are actually feeding billions of germ and bacteria that you can’t see, living inside your Bogu. What’s the solution? Well, washing/cleaning your Bogu is of course one solution, although many parts of a Bogu can’t be washed through normal means and cleaning has it’s limits.

Tozando has a popular solution to this age-old problem, our popular BioClean Kendo Bogu. Using our patented IBB BioCleaning method, the BioClean Bogu is proven to keep it’s hygienic anti-bacterial qualities up to 2 years after you purchase it from us. Although the effect will become weaker with time, you will be sure to notice a difference when using your Bogu. This Bogu is not only hygienic, but it also uses ‘Sillead’ fabric which absorbs sweat and helps to keep your Bogu comfortable during usage.

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